The Martin Hives "Raw Amber Honey" 16oz


"Raw Amber" is a new limited harvest from The Martin Hives Co. It is distinctly stronger and bolder than their classic "Raw" honey.

"Raw Amber" is collected directly from the hives at The Martin Hives Honey Company. Raw honey contains all of the enzymes, pollen, and floral essences that honeybees uniquely put into it. It is a small batch item and limited in quantity.

The Martin Hives Honey Co. is a boutique honey company founded by Jessica Martin and Sean Martin (musician known for his work in Wear Your Wounds, Twitching Tongues, Hatebreed, Kid Cudi, etc). Together they offer small batch honey products harvested directly from their own hives, as well as locally sourced organic honey items from New England.

Does not ship outside of the U.S.