Vintage MacGregor Boxing Gloves


A fantastic pair of vintage MacGregor Goldsmith G433 Boxing Gloves from the mid 1940s. These would be great for display in a home, sports collection, or gym environment.

The Goldsmith company began producing sporting goods in the early 1900s and were an early presence in the evolving baseball and boxing glove market. In 1936 they purchased the well-known MacGregor Golf Company in an effort to expand their product line. In 1944 Goldsmith added the MacGregor name to their products and became known as MacGregor Goldsmith, in an attempt to trade on the prestigious image the MacGregor company had earned. Finally, in 1952 the Goldsmith name was dropped entirely and the company was simply called MacGregor. Though the company has been sold several times since then, however sporting goods bearing the MacGregor name are still sold today.

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