Mac's Mats

McKenzie Plante, referred to by all as "Mac", is a twelve year old who is extremely outgoing and gregarious. With her infectious and radiant smile that conjures up images of a sunrise on one of the many beaches surrounding Cape Ann (Massachusetts), she started a business of buying and selling door mats with the interest of helping out our ocean going friends, the Northern Right Whale. 

The business Mac's Mats, with the help of her grandparents, started in the summer of 2009 and has grown considerably. Do you know that the Northern Right Whale is an endangered species? One contributing factor is the Right Whales become entangled in the floating rope used by Lobstermen. Therefore, Maine Lobstermen are turning in their floating lines for sinking ground lines. 

Mac has a desire to help both the whales and our planet by recycling the floating rope into "Mats From the Briny Deep." 

Because of the ropes texture, these mats and accessories prove to be very effective doormats, as well as a conversation piece.